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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

WLC Syslog Levels

This caught me out when going through the IPX workbook and I also had a similar issue at the Fastlane bootcamp.
If they ask you in the lab to configure a specific log level, its not clear in the GUI what level it is as they are not in level order. So I thought, check the 4.2 config guide. ITS WRONG. The 5.0 config guide has the correct information! Learn if you can, but if you forget, remember to check the 5.0 Guide for reference!

To set the severity level for filtering syslog messages to the syslog servers, choose one of the following options from the Syslog Level drop-down box:

Emergencies = Severity level 0
Alerts = Severity level 1 (default value)
Critical = Severity level 2
Errors = Severity level 3
Warnings = Severity level 4
Notifications = Severity level 5
Informational = Severity level 6
Debugging = Severity level 7

If you set a syslog level, only those messages whose severity is equal to or less than that level are sent to the syslog servers. For example, if you set the syslog level to Warnings (severity level 4), only those messages whose severity is between 0 and 4 are sent to the syslog servers.

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