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Thursday 24 February 2011

Best Practice Settings for 7921G Phone

General Recommendations
Set DTIM to 2
Beacon Period 100 ms

Data Rates

Multicast traffic will be sent at the highest basic data rate enabled on the access point, so will want to ensure that only the lowest enabled rate is configured as the only basic rate.
Broadcast traffic is sent at the lowest basic rate.

Autonomous Recommendations
Power no greater that 17dbm for 2.4GHz
Power no greater than 16dbm for 5GHz

Ensure the client uses the same power
power local x
power client local

enable wmm on the interface

enable arp-caching
dot11 arp-cache
For the Cisco Autonomous Access Point,
"dot11 phone" or "dot11 phone dot11e" will enable QBSS."Dot11 phone"
It is recommended to enable

configure values in the GUI for CAC
remenber to set-up admit-traffic on the SSID
enable AVVID cos mappings

The documentation (7921G deployment guide) states setting up a QoS policy to set UP values based on DSCP, however this would not come into play if Layer 2 markings are already specified.

Enable world mode to ensure non US phone obeys local regulatory restrictions
world-mode dot11d country US both
will enable the 2 Cisco versions, where "dot11 phone dot11e" will enable both CCA versions (802.11e and Cisco version 2). "dot11 phone dot11e".Configure both "open with eap" and "network eap" for authentication

Unified Recommendations

DTIM 2 beacon period 100 ms
Disable Session timeout or increase
Disable client exclusion
Enable Aironet IE
Enable DTPC
Disable P2P Blocking
Enable DHCP Address Assignment
MFP Disabled or Optional
Enable CAC and Load Based CAC
Disable Low Latency Mac (as the phone has a dynamic buffer)
Platinum QoS Profile with dot1p set to 6
WMM Allowed or Required
Disable Aggressive load balancing
Enable Symetric Tunneling Mode
Enable Short Preamble for 802.11g
Enable CCX location measurement
config advanced eap request-timeout 30config network arpunicast disable
Remove channel 165 from the DCA list as the phone does not support it

Recommend to disable UNII-II extended when using UNII-3 for a 12 channel model

Power constraint should be left un-configured or set to 0 dBm as DTPC will be used by the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone7921G to control the transmission power.

For the Cisco Unified Wireless LAN Controller, enabling WMM will enable the 802.11e version of QBSS. There are also the
"7920 Client CAC" and "7920 AP CAC" options, where "7920 Client CAC" will enable Cisco version 1 and "7920 APCAC" enables Cisco version 2.
Enable Traffic Stream Metrics

The CAC voice stream-size and voice max-streams values can be adjusted as necessary by using the following command.
config 802.11a cac voice stream-size 84000 max-streams 2

Restoring Factory Defaults
The configuration can be cleared by using the factory default menu option on the phone.
The factory default option erases all user-defined entries in Network Profiles, Phone Settings, and Call History.
To erase the local configuration, follow these steps:
1. Choose Settings > Phone Settings.
2. Press
The phone briefly displays
"**2" on the keypad."Restore to Default?"3. Press the
The phone resets after selecting
"Yes" softkey to confirm or "No" to cancel.
(it is by default, this enables proxy arp)

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