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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

TACACS+ WLC User Authentication

Use this process to configure the WLC for Tacacs

Add a TACACS Authentication server
Add a TACACS Authorisation server (also required)

Go to ACS add NAS
Go to interface config and add PPP SHELL and ADVANCED TACACS (for user also if required)
Add ciscowlc and common under new services

Select these attributes in either user or group and add the required roles for access

role1=ALL (full admin rights)

role2=WLANS  (for specific WLC tab access)

role1=MONITOR (read only rights)


  1. When you give access to specific tabs can you specify what level of access they have?

    for instance can you specify admin rights to just the security tab or the wireless tab?

    1. I have a issues with authentication WLC with ACS 5.5 i have 2 group monitor privilege 1 and administrator privilege level 15 with router switch asa using Active directory but wLC no authentication can you step by step para resolved my issues thank