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Monday, 7 February 2011

countermeasure tkip hold-time

countermeasure tkip hold-time 

Use this to freeze out clients that perform an attack such as a bit-flip. To be applied per radio.

Use the countermeasure tkip hold-time configuration interface command to configure a TKIP MIC failure holdtime. If the access point detects two MIC failures within 60 seconds, it blocks all the TKIP clients on that interface for the holdtime period.
countermeasure tkip hold-time seconds

Syntax Description

Specifies the length of the TKIP holdtime in seconds (if the holdtime is 0, TKIP MIC failure hold is disabled)


TKIP holdtime is enabled by default, and the default holdtime is 60 seconds.

Command Modes

Configuration interface

Command History

This command was introduced.


This example shows how to configure the TKIP holdtime on the access point radio:
ap(config-if)# countermeasure tkip hold-time 120

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