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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

WLC CLI Commands Only - Work in progress

Commands that are only available in the CLI

config advanced eap request-timeout 20
config advanced eap identity-request-timeout 20
Generally considered best practice to configure these. The phone is slow and can time out the request if the default is set to 1.

config network secureweb cipher-option high enable
Changes level of encryption on HTTPS GUI

config network arp unicast enable
Turns on proxy arp. The controller will provide its own mac to clients requesting a mac not in its database. It will then make the request on behalf of the client.

config advanced dot11-padding enable
Pads proxy arp responses to 60 bytes. Some non Cisco clients can have an issue with arp responses that are below this level.

config advanced 802.11a logging txpower on 
Example, can be used for both radios and different logging metods for the AP's.

config advanced client-handoff x
Used to inform CCX clients of the amount of excessive retries required before a roam is forced.

config mobility secure-mode enable
Configures secure mobility on port 16667. All members of mobility group need it. Not supported in 2100's

config wlan security tkip hold-down 0 [wlan id]
This is used to stop the 60 second counter measure when 2 TKIP MIC errors are detected on an SSID.

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  1. Hi,

    I am having issues with sporadic one way audio with Alcatel phones ... the engineer from alcatel say that in the packet captures he sees no ARP response from the controller when the phone is trying to send the audio packet ... I was wondering if the cmd: config advanced dot11-padding enable would help me in this situation ... any thoughts? Or can you tell me when you have had to use this command??